"For the garden lover, which I happen to be, Crabtree's is a playground for grownups. They have garden gifts, garden decorations, garden furniture and every possible garden token and accouterments you could ever wish for. And then some..."

-Victoria Strauser


"Crabtree's Garden Gate has a unique selection of gift items, garden items, as well as pet and bird food. Worth a stop if you are in the Marine-on-St. Criox/Scandia area. Employees are very nice. If you are looking for some different gift ideas, definitely the place to come."

-Curtis C.


"The Garden Gate is a wonderful store. It has something for everyone. If you happen to be in the area, I highly suggest stopping by and chatting it up with the great employees. I visit as often as I can because I know Jan is always bringing something new into the store."

-Brady Banse

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  • Peggy Marchesani (Friday, May 24 13 11:53 pm EDT)

    I love your store and wish your neighbor were open all week, as you are. Mid-week roadtrips are easier to schedule.
    Please add me to your mailing list.

  • Char Mathies (Sunday, December 29 13 05:23 pm EST)

    Stopped here on our wine tasting tour, It was our best stop. have been back twice since then and there things are wonderful. Everyone who works here is so friendly and willing to answer questions and
    help!!! cant wait to make another trip there! You will not be disappointed when you visit.

  • Luann Randall (Friday, April 10 15 02:36 pm EDT)

    I LOVE your store! I never walk away empty handed, and can certainly say my garden is much prettier because of it!

  • Barb Biljan (Friday, July 31 15 03:00 pm EDT)

    I will be there tomorrow....I can't wait!!!

  • Shirley Bauer (Friday, December 11 15 04:10 pm EST)

    Love your store!! I have brought many of my friends and family there in the past two years! And they all loved it also!!

  • John Moore (Monday, May 09 16 03:59 pm EDT)

    I bought a few bird feeders a couple of weeks ago from Crabtree. There should have been a warning label placed on the items I purchased. "Bird watching can be addictive!" I'm constantly identifying
    new birds as they visit my feeders. I can't stop watching. Thank you!!!

  • Meagan Woods (Friday, March 31 17 11:06 am EDT)

    I absolutely love this shop! It's full of whimsy and magic, I felt like I'd stumbled into a secret fairy land. Certainly not your run of the mill everyday items here. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

  • Dianne May (Monday, September 04 17 11:58 am EDT)

    we always find something to buy when we visit the store, we NEVER leave empty handed.
    we just love the people that work there and they are always ready to help and are so friendly.

  • Pinsey (Tuesday, June 12 18 05:32 pm EDT)

    Better to go in the mood of: "Don't have a clue what I need or want." BAM.... surprises in every direction. What a HAPPY place. Talk about instant gratification.....

  • Kathy Gosse (Friday, July 27 18 11:29 pm EDT)

    This is a wonderful store with great employees! I really like that they are helping out a little cancer patient and would highly recommend that if you're in the area you should stop and shop!

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